Outlook for Late Summer and Early Fall

The Climate Prediction Center of the National Weather Service released their 3-month outlook for August, September and October in mid July. For most of the USA, equal chances of above and below normal temperatures and precipitation are expected, but there are several areas, including the highly populated east coast and northeastern areas of the country, where warmer than normal weather is indicated, as these maps show:



We are forecasted to be in a neutral El Nino/La Nina situation (sometimes called La Nada), so sea surface temperatures are not expected to be a major factor in or influence on our weather for these three months. In much of the area expected to experience above normal temperatures, this anomaly is due to recent trends, according to the National Weather Service.  Given that much of these areas only have a slight liklihood of above normal temperatures (just over 50%), we might see some mixing of warmer and cooler periods, and the temperature might just average slightly above normal. In any event, it does appear that warmer weather will last into early Autumn so don’t put away your summer clothes on Labor Day!

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