Harvey Flooding

Catastrophic rains continue to plague Texas as the remnants of Hurricane Harvey deluge the area.

This image shows the rainfall in just the past 24 hours. An area the size of New Jersey and Delaware combined has received over 12 inches of rain, with some areas already totally flooded.

usa est precip 082617

Unfortunately, the track of the storm over the next few days remains in the same general area.


Over just the next 24 hours alone many of the areas that already received flooding rains are expected to see much more. The map below shows forecast amounts of 4-8″ in the next day.


For more information about how you can help Harvey’s victims, visit http://www.cnn.com/2017/08/25/health/iyw-harvey-how-to-help/index.html, which has links to a number of agencies helping people cope with this disaster.

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