Florence’s Floods

Hurricane Florence is nearing the coast of North Carolina, and should make landfall overnight. While Florence is far from the strongest storm we’ve seen in recent years, it nonetheless will bring many of the same risks that hurricanes bring – a massive storm surge along coastal areas, and strong winds over 100 mph are possible even inland. But the main threat from Florence will be catastrophic flooding.

Almost all of North Carolina will see at least 5 inches of rain from this storm. But, the eastern half of the state will most likely receive more than 10 inches, with many areas, particularly along the coast, seeing between 15 and 30 inches of rain! This is due to the expected slow nature of the movement of the storm, once it nears the coastline. The circulation is expected to meander southwest for a couple of days, before turning north.

Preparations for the storm should be finalized today, and anyone in flood-prone areas should be evacuating.

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