Welcome! Let’s revisit the 80’s, shall we?

Back when I was a child, The Weather Channel had a jingle that I remember well. It went something like: “You need us, The Weather Channel, for everything you do!” set to upbeat music. Actually, if you’ve ever seen it, you too probably remember it well because it was, let’s say, memorable. In some respects it’s awesome, in the way a movie can be awesomely bad. But actually, I’d say it has a charm that places it squarely in the late 80’s when it was made. If you are old enough to have lived consciously through that time, I think you’ll agree that it is, in a weird way, appropriate. If you want to (no – I’ll say if you dare to) watch and listen you can find it on YouTube.

But, cheesy 80’s jingles aside, I think the people at TWC had a point. There’s little that people do each day that is not affected, in some way, by the weather. If you’ve got outdoor weekend plans, or need to know what to wear to work, or whether or not to pack a swimsuit or a winter hat on your upcoming trip – you need to know the weather. And thankfully, weather forecasting and forecast availability has progressed well beyond those early days of TWC, as anyone with a smartphone knows.

But weather and its effects go well beyond tonight’s forecasted low temperature and tomorrow’s chance of rain. From Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), to the effect of weather on anxiety, to how different types of weather present various health-related dangers, weather touches our lives in significant ways. Which types of climate are best for health? What effect does the type of weather we are experiencing have on pain, if any? What do scientists believe is the optimal indoor weather for work, or for sleep?

Weather.Life.Now is going to take a deeper look at some of the more interesting aspects of weather’s effects on our lives right now by exploring all of these topics and more. It will take a look at the confluence of weather and climate with daily life, health and wellness, and current events. It will also comment on particular ongoing weather of note, like hurricanes or snowstorms, with an eye to how these will affect people, not just to comment on the forecast. And because I have a degree in meteorology and a heart for forecasting, I will continue to post a 5-day forecast for central NJ, as I have done for most of the last decade. If you live outside of central NJ, let me know where you are and maybe I’ll do a forecast just for you… or you could just check your phone or visit weather.gov for a forecast.

I hope that you will find this blog interesting and informative, and if you do, please share it with friends and family. I plan to update the main story once or twice a month, with more frequent updates as interesting weather (or weather-related news) happens. Please feel free to comment on posts, or to reach out on Facebook or Twitter. For now, I’m going to work on a catchy jingle for the site – I wonder if any of those people who worked on The Weather Channel back in the 80’s are looking for a gig.

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