Any Snow for NJ-NY this Weekend?

Though this week has seen at or near record warmth throughout New Jersey and New York, there was some possibility that the combination of some colder weather this weekend and a weak low pressure system moving by to our south could deliver the first measurable snowfall for much of the NYC metro area. Of course, many northern and western suburbs of NYC have seen significant snowfall already, but many other areas have seen no more than flurries. Well, unfortunately for snow lovers, temperatures again look too warm to support snow.

As the images below show, while in the 12 hours leading up to 7am Monday, NYC and suburban areas could see a little less than a tenth of an inch of liquid precipitation, the temperature map shows that the 32 degree line (in purple) is just north of most of us. While there may be some snow at the start, temperatures will likely rise Sunday night, changing snow to rain. Our weather setup just is not conducive to snow right now. There are no dips in the jet stream, a Bermuda high in the Atlantic, and colder air is not in the vicinity. True winter looks like it is still some time away.

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