NJ-NY Weather News

Unseasonable Warmth on the Way

Winter began on December 21, and for many people the “season” of winter begins at the start of December. We certainly had extreme cold December 24th-26th, but for the most part, we’ve seen little winter weather in the New Jersey-New York region. The northern and western suburbs have seen some snow, but most of the region has only had flurries.

Unseasonable weather continues this week as high temperatures will soar into the mid 60’s on Wednesday. Even more unusual is that low temperatures Tuesday and Wednesday nights could be 20-30 degrees above normal for many areas in New York and New Jersey. Of course, with temperatures this warm, any precipitation that falls will do so as rain, and rain chances are in the forecast for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Temperatures do return to normal this weekend, with high temperatures in the 40’s and low temperatures in the 20’s. For a look at the overall winter outlook, click here.

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